Would you dare climb up a mountain?

Would you dare  to climb up a mountain?
To walk paths that are rough and dangerous.
to sweat and feel the burning of the sun.
to move between trees and boulders which stand in your way,
to go where you have never gone before and have faith that you will endure.

When you dare to climb up a mountain,
You will fall and find that you can rise up again,
you will lose your way and find the path or create new ones to get there,
you will fall upon thorns and stones and cry out but learn to bear the pain,
you will swear and curse when you feel that you can’t go on
and find something inside you that still dares.

When I dared to climb up a mountain
I felt connected to the earth and God’s creatures big and small,
I let the winds refresh and renew my spirit as they breathed all over me,
I reached out to touch the peaks and valleys and marveled at the wonder
I wished everyone could see,
and realized that nothing is impossible for as long as I have someone
journeying with me.

*This reflection was written after we climbed Pico de Loro in Cavite, Philippines. Three hours going up and another three going down. The most challenging climb I’ve taken so far.

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