magic and mystery

What makes one believe in magic?
Is it the old soul or the child-like in spirit?
Is it unveiled by someone so enchanting?
Or is it something the universe conspires for us to believe?

How can one experience magic?
Does one escape and wander
To come upon something new?
But why do they say it’s like coming home
After searching for so long?

How do you hold on to magic?
Do you hold it closely so it forever remains?
Do you throw it to the heavens for those who care to see?
Do you keep it a secret that no one can name?

But can we really say what is magic?
Can we define it or is it beyond words?
Does it come with the blowing wind or fireworks?
Or do we stumble upon it in the dirt?


2 thoughts on “magic and mystery”

  1. Love this!
    I signed up just to say how I really admire you.

    I still do believe in magic and mystery. Though sometimes, in this harsh world, I denied it.
    At times I want to see the world to what Joshua sees. So pure, I guess, and without malice.

    1. Thank you so much…
      I think that when we stop believing in mystery and magic, we deny new possibilities. But when we believe… there is much, much more that can come into our lives. Surprises big and small… Just believe in Joshua and enable him to find his own gifts. It may be poetry or visual arts. Who knows? It’s still magic and mystery, for now… But it will be revealed…

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