Whenever we fall
We must remember those who raised us up time and again
Whenever we feel lost
we can remember those who helped us find ourselves
Whenever we feel we’ve given our all
we must reach out for those who will never tire of nurturing us again
Whenever we feel broken
we must remember those who want us to be whole

Whenever we see a rainbow
we must remember that it can only come after the rain
Whenever we feel tenderness when we see a newborn babe
remember she was born with much labor and pain
Whenever we hear beautiful music that makes our hearts sing
we must remember it must have come from a place of healing where once was a wounded soul
Whenever we taste a ripened mango fruit
we must remember it began from another seed buried underneath the soil

Whenever we feel the need to ask ‘why we are here,’
we must be ready to listen to voices not our own
Whenever we hear voices that deny life and can only destroy,
we must remember that humanity can only create life from love
Whenever it seems the night is too long,
we must remember that no one can stop the sun from rising again
Whenever we feel that all is lost
we must believe God makes all things new in a moment.


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