when i am old…

When I was young…
I thought I needed the whole world to love and accept me,
I thought I could find meaning if I knew the answers to life’s questions
I thought winning meant being the best and a class above everyone else
I thought I needed to do great things so I can be truly human and whole.

As I grew older…
My mother told me not to be afraid to be different, and to believe in myself even if others reject me
She taught me instead to ask questions and to let life unfold it’s mysteries
My father taught me to laugh at my mistakes and promised to love me in victory and in defeat
He taught me that the greatest joys cannot be found in honor but in our love, kindness and humanity

Now I am grown…
I think I have learned to love unconditionally
I still ask questions but the more genuine questions were from the children and youth who look up to me
I learned that raising them did not merely mean teaching and feeding, it meant learning, being childlike and letting them falter and fall
I know now that the greatest joys come from the gift of knowing that because we have each other, we will never be alone

When I am old…
I hope I can embrace the person I chose to be
May I find the courage to let others find meaning as the moment is now theirs and no longer for me
May I learn to have faith in others, believing that they will journey on
May I find rest in the great love of the Creator, who gifted life for all.

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