Whenever I see a majestic waterfall

Whenever I cross a rushing river

Whenever I get lost in the wonders underwater

Whenever I feel cold or hot immersed in natural springs

I’ll remember and I’ll find you there


Whenever I find shelter underneath majestic trees

Whenever I hear music in the rustling of the leaves

Whenever I feel the softness of the earth beneath my feet

Whenever I see a miracle in the fluttering of butterflies’ wings

I’ll believe and I’ll meet you there


Whenever we hear the sound of children singing in chorus

Whenever we see a mother comfort and soothe a crying babe

Whenever we find a grown son embrace a father in thankfulness

Whenever we see women dancing willfully in the midst pain

We’ll remain and journey on


Whenever we speak of a world we can make possible

Whenever we hear a genuine cry that wounds our souls

Whenever we feel rejected and denied because we are different

Whenever we know we can do more than they can even know

We’ll know we share the journey and will never be alone.


We all live but for a moment, but every moment is a chance to live for ourselves and for others. And if we choose it, each moment will be a time which will have meaning: to make someone laugh, feel more alive, believe that there is a God who cares, cry and then begin to heal, struggle even if they don’t know if they will win, feel full and no longer hungry… 


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