If I could kiss a flower bud so it can burst with color and bloom,
If I could ask the clouds above to shelter the earth and dunes
If I could string the sunbeams to bring light where darkness looms,
If I could make all water clean for all creatures dying too soon.
If I could, would I just pass them by?

If you could gather all the stars to brighten my darkest night,
If you could whisper of earths beyond to give visions of hope and light,
If you could set me free and give me space to seek life with all my might,
If you could touch my soul to feel the sacred through the night.
If you could, would you just pass me by?

If we could love a streetchild who came from another’s womb,
If we could feel the agony of losing a community not our own,
If we could cry out for farmers whose life is connected to the land,
If we could change the world by struggling for peace and justice with linked arms.
If we could, would we?


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