Somebody called me ‘angel’

Somebody called me ‘angel’
Beautiful and sweet
It lasted for a moment
He wanted me to be his alone to keep.

Somebody called me ‘warrior’
Courageous and strong
Then he wanted to put chains on me
He wanted me to fight for him alone.

Somebody declared I was the ‘priestess’
Deep, thoughtful and wise
But then they kept me in their temple
To hear only their laughter and cries.

Somebody raised her voice
And spoke for the poor who weep
They called her a ‘rebel’
They killed her body and slaughtered her like sheep

Somebody dared to speak
Revelations, myths and truths
They called her a ‘witch’
Because they feared what she could do.

Somebody dared to dance
Where everyone else stood still
They called her a ‘goddess’
She used the powers from within and followed her own will.

Women go by different names
Which one of them will we be
To be a ‘rebel’ or a ‘witch’
Or a ‘goddess’ who will set people free…


2 thoughts on “Somebody called me ‘angel’”

  1. It does not matter whether they are called , diwata, babaylan, manggagaway, mangkukulam etc provided they are with the people in the people’s struggles for life and life in abundance.amen. Reynaldo C. Lopez

    1. And when she dances, everyone is stunned
      Some in awe and admiration, others in contempt
      Because when she moves her hands and swings her body
      The whole universe conspires with her
      Just when a warrior sets the battle
      Victory to the downtrodden must be proclaimed.

      She dances with grace, and the wind rhymes with her
      The roaring thunder echo with the thousands cries of the oppressed
      The dance of freedom, the dance of the free
      She the dancer, she the warrior, she the witch
      Shall dance with you and me

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