When it rains…

When it rains, it does not mean the sky cries.
When the sky darkens, it does not mean that the sun dies.
When the sun shines, there could still be a place untouched by it’s rays.
When the breeze cools, there is someplace where the wind feels so cruel.

When a woman finds herself alone, can she bask in a moment all her own?
When a man feels weak, could he find comfort in the embrace of a son not yet grown?
When a human seeks love and peace, is it within one’s reach if one truly seeks it?
When a poor woman cries, can she find compassion from those whom she meets?

When the world seems all bright, can we illumine the darkness shrouding the violated?
When we feel the peace within, do we silence the hunger of children who beg for bread?
When we build new bridges and towers, does it shelter the powerless and the homeless?
When we talk of faith, hope and love, does it liberate the enslaved and prosecute the shameless?


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