For every broken dream and vision…

For every soil untilled and possessed by a landlord
A farmer could have brought forth grain.

For every forest made bare
An old man could have taken shelter in sunshine and in rain.

For every river poisoned
All mothers could have filled their children’s hunger and thirst.

For every mountain mined and plundered
An entire community could have lived simply, safe and sustained.

For every indigenous leader killed to be silenced
A community will rise to seek justice amidst pain.

For every youth leader abducted to sow fear
A new generation will rise, remember and resist, again and again

For every child torn from a mother’s arms by raging floods
Another child will be born to embody hope, faith and love.

For every mother grieving and hurting
A sister, mother or daughter will raise her up to embody God above.

For every human being denied of human rights
Another must find courage to protest, resist and demand dignity for all.

For every child still hungry in the midst of plenty
A community must find compassion to nurture and heed their silent call.

For every people oppressed by the few and powerful
A leader must rise up to be a true servant of the poor and dispossessed.

For every broken dream and vision
We must rise again to seek new revelations and revolutions, amidst our protests.



2 thoughts on “For every broken dream and vision…”

  1. Yes, our world is full of humanizing possibilities,
    But as it is, the better angels of our nature,
    Have made peace with principalities and powers
    That have blanketed the world
    With greed for power and glory.

    What has the man from Nazareth say to all this?
    Preachers and theologians out do each other
    With the grace and blessing that comes from Him,
    Are they not blatant mockeries to the anxiety, pain and anguish
    That believers suffer even as they sing praises to Him?

    But the man from Nazareth has defined for us
    How living the human life is — human life that is
    Under the grasp of a will that lives
    Under no will but its own, and thus constructing
    A reality predicated on the survival of the fittest,
    Or better still, the domination by the powerful and the greedy,
    Where powerful entites armed with deceit, destruction and death
    Ceasely threaten one another as the poor and the powerless
    Cower in fear and succumb to them and allow themselves
    To be pawns in their bid for power.

    What He has offered us is the historical dynamics
    On prosecuting the cause of the human with truth and love
    To the point of being totally extinguished in its confrontation
    With the bearers of evil and death, and thus exposing their
    False being and illusory claims even as it reveals
    The essence of the human as the reason
    For all our loves, hopes and strivings.

    And thus from this perspective, the interrogation
    Of all that is inhuman, false, and evil
    Will yield the liberating power of the new.
    Of what is just, true, of what is good and beautiful,
    In short of what is human./

    1. I pray I will always have the will to challenge those who wield power to oppress others.
      I hope I am never silenced in the face of those who deny other life and dignity.
      I trust that there will come a day when our visions for equality and genuine peace may become a reality.

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