Christmases I Remember

I remember finding the perfect toy as a child
and telling my mom about it.
I remember my surprise when she and Dad
gave it to me as a Christmas gift.

I remember my lola’s cooking
and the table filled with delicious treats.
I remember singing and dancing
to perform for friends and relatives.

I remember putting up the Christmas tree with JB and Leah
and all the excitement (and quarrels) it brings.
I remember how gifts would seem to appear
if we promised to be good all year.

I remember the boy who gave me a pink bear
and a card where he wrote ‘I love you.’
I remember the Christmas parties in school
and the games and the dances we tried to do.

I remember the pageant where I was Mary,
while Norman played Joseph beside me.
I remember I was six months pregnant
and did not have to wear a pillow on my belly.

I remember Lauren and Noah’s first Christmas pageant
They always brought magic, color and joy.
I remember them dressing up like angels,
Or Mary and a shepherd boy.

I remember that special Christmas
that Ericson celebrated with us.
I remember how he loved the grapes,
the gifts and the family he found with us.

I remember how lives are devastated
by tsunamis, floods and rains.
I need to remember that though I don’t see them,
they are still suffering and in pain.

I remember how children still beg on the streets
amidst the brights lights and revelry.
I need to remember that they are God’s children too
and must be part of my Christmas memory.

I remember my childhood Christmases
and the beautiful memories I’ll keep.
But around us there are still many ‘mangers’
where babies just like Jesus – should not sleep.



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