These past few years, it seems I came face-to-face with someone I always just passed by – Myself. Before this moment of self-discovery, self-trust and self-being, I needed to be a daughter, a wife, a mother, a learner, a follower. In my journey to know myself, my totem was the wolf. I naturally chose her because I love dogs. More importantly, I chose her because she is wild. There is a wildness in every creature until they are tamed. In this wildness, there is seeking, learning, intuition, and a strong spirit. As a wolf-spirit I encountered magic, mystery, mirth. Dared to speak and act. Dared to dance. Dared to unearth old and new truths and revelations. Dared to leap. Through her I understood the cycles of life, valuing and honoring all creatures, river-crossing and adventure. I thank the spirit-wolf for helping me grow.

Recently, I have been drawn to pictures of women and horses. My daughter, Lauren, first gifted me with such a picture and, for me, it was full of color and energy. Like a woman, a horse is a beautiful creature with her beautiful mane, polished coat, long neck and limbs and a solid body. In the book, Clan of the Cave Bear, Ayla was the first woman to tame a horse. When she visited a village astride a horse, she was vision. The people were amazed how a woman and a horse could be of one spirit. On a horse, a woman is towering; a woman can ride like the wind; a woman can journey as far as her eyes can see; and a woman leads.

I took an animal totem exam again, and still my spirit is the wolf. This year, I want to be a horse. The horse spirit is about freedom and power; movement and journey. Maybe it’s because my loved ones have begun their own journeys. Or perhaps there are journeys I need to take or this life will not be complete. Or it could be that I am challenged to take the journey others have taken before me. Whatever it is, may the horse-spirit give me the courage to run with pounding hooves in a race for life and freedom.


1 thought on “Horse-Spirit”

  1. Response from Diwata Norma Dollaga…..

    Be the horse who loves and risks
    Be the horse that runs the race until victory
    Be the horse that is tamed but untamed
    Be the horse that’s beautiful and powerful

    The company of babaylans and goddesses
    Welcome you oh horse-woman, oh wolf-woman
    Your heart beats with the rhythm of the earth, and sun and moon
    Your eyes and ears witness the cries and joys of the poor
    Your strength springs from the energy of the people
    Who like horse and wolf is never unbending to adversaries!

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