If you ask how old I really am

If you ask how old I really am, you would never believe my age.
I am 16 when I see my son so thrilled at the sound of one girl’s name.
I anticipate the sun rising and believe the stars shine for us alone.
I find magic in the ordinary and thank God for the day I was born.

I am 25 when I come upon a challenge and find courage to be more than I am.
I will climb another mountain or cross another stream for a worthy cause or plan.
I will listen to the voice from deep inside of me and open my soul to what I need to see.
I will offer my life, my gifts and power for what I believe should be.

I feel 18 again when I see my daughter, so full of promise and so full of life.
I stand tall and stride with purpose and lift my chin up even when I want to cry.
I can dance the dance you thought I never could and sing at the top of my lungs.
I transform myself and the world around me just because I sing my own song.

I feel 30 when I cradle a newborn babe, protecting the fragile life I hold.
I can put aside my dreams for a moment, and offer my life for a child alone.
I may have birthed her with blood and tears, or found him on side of the road.
I will lift up every child for each one is sacred. Each one must have the chance to grow.

But there are moments when I feel I am over 50, moments when the world seems old.
It seems we have forgotten history and have not learned the stories our ancestors told.
It feels like we have lost all compassion and serve only ourselves and our own.
They break the young who have passion and trample on the seeds the old have sown.

Still there are summers when I feel like a child again, swimming and running aimlessly.
Listening to jokes and funny stories; dancing and running; just being carefree
Being cradled and trusting I am safe; sleeping soundly and being carried to bed.
Believing in magic and seeking adventures, pausing only to take a breath.



2 thoughts on “If you ask how old I really am”

  1. Wow! What a wonderful person you are. You have unveiled the essence of the human soul that ever yearns to dwell in hope, truth and beauty. The soul is, in truth ageless, as you have discovered; it defies the pomp and circumstance of life as it seeks authenticity in any circumstance it is thrown into. But alas, it is ensconced in a material body that is essentially moving towards aging and eventually death. Yet if the human soul is confronted by the ultimate demands of truth and justice and rises equal to the occasion, then it happily gets extinguished in its struggle for truth and justice, and rises to life eternal and lives its life in God. Such is the lot of heroes whose lives are forever woven with what God is doing in the world.

    1. Thank you! You are a good friend and a great theologian. You deepened the meaning of what I have written. I have been blessed with friends who celebrate what I can do and what we can do together…

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