When she danced
She cast her eyes down to banish all who would possess her
She stilled her soul and hardened her heart
And danced what others say is forbidden
And felt her soul feel so alive if only for a moment

When he danced
He bared his chest and beat a drum with all his might
He ran and leaped to show his strength
He held another human being in his arms
And showed tenderness, love and passion with the slightest glance

When we dance…
We move and touch the wind around us
We feel the power in our legs, our arms and hips
We seize a moment to be willful, whole and free
We hear our bodies whisper a thankful prayer or cry-out for others to see

We should dance…
When we feel outraged with injustice
When we are stirred with passion for life and love

We should dance…
For ourselves even if no one sees
Or dance for a crowd we may only once meet…

Painter’s name was not published in the site. =(



5 thoughts on “Dance”

  1. Her name is Freedom
    His name is Freedom
    They are Freedom

    They dance the forbidden recital
    Tracing the contours and lines of Freedom
    Exploring the oneness of breath and passion
    Gasping and surrendering to all what it takes

    Freedom dances with the Wind and Fire
    Freedom dances with Water and Earth
    Yielding to the rhythm of heart, mind, body and soul
    Feeling no guilt, or shame or humiliation
    With the DANCE that would make people UNBOUND

    It’s a forbidden dance,
    For the makers and definers of slavery and tyranny
    They call it decadent, immoral and evil
    Because Freedom will vanish their pleasure to oppress.

    We DANCE
    And feel the urge for FREEDOM.

  2. Real dancing is a spontaneous bubbling of the soul from its primal depths;
    Thus, it is honest, sincere, authentic, joyful and free.
    But the real human situation forbids us to dance,
    For it lodges the devil on our backs
    And transmogrifies our dancing into macabre movements
    That pushes us to death.
    To dance in a situation of oppression and exploitation
    We have to show the infinite varieties of contortions of the human
    And expose the horrendous ugliness that we see in and around
    Our land, the motherless child dying of hunger, people huddled together come rain or shine, young people wasting their precious time away, an entire nation relentlessly pushed into despair and death.
    But all these have to be bundled together as one people, suffering and therefore coerced to rise by their true humanity that they may dance
    Like fire and wind, and participate in that subterranean power, meaning and purpose that will usher in the new heaven and the new earth.
    Then dance will be recognized as the highest and absolute expression of art, fusing as it does music, poetry, graceful creative movement that centers in the creative synergy between God and the human.

  3. Whenever I post what I write, it’s like throwing seeds in the air.
    I do not know where they will fall.
    I do not know if the earth will embrace them,
    Or if the road will keep them from the soil beneath.
    But I have been blessed to know they are received
    and grow and bloom in a garden I can never have imagined.
    They burst forth will colors beyond what I envisioned
    and become more beautiful with friends who embrace them.

    Thank you, Diwata Norma and Sir Levi.
    Your words deepen what I have written….
    May our letters birth more imaginings for a better world…

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