For every human being…

For every student who is educated in a premiere university where he is made to believe that financial success is more important than common good, there are hundreds of un-schooled children who labor as early as five years old just to put food on the table.

For every corporation that earns billions in profit in a global community, there are villages and homes where men, women and children toil day and night, in fear and in inhumane working conditions for slave wages.

For every government that exhibits power to ensure the interests of capitalists and foreign investors, there is a mother searching for an abducted daughter or son, children whose father is murdered to be silenced and to instill fear, and an entire community that flees to escape militarization.

For every mining company that extracts minerals and wealth from the earth to sustain our wasteful consumption, there are indigenous peoples and farming communities who lose their homes, their clean water, the land to till, and witness how their paradise becomes a wasteland.

For every woman who indulges in luxuries and vanities to fulfill the image the powerful have created, there are a hundred women who struggle with blood, sweat and tears to birth a new world where women are truly whole.

For every human being who remains silent in the suffering of their fellow human beings, a woman will die in childbirth, a child will stop going to school even before he learns to read, and a father will feel helpless in the face of his children’s hunger.

In spite of the many religions that the so-called faithful are ready to defend and die for, we live in communities and societies where those who need God the most seem to be unheard, unseen and are dying. The true measure of our humanity and spirituality is not how much we say we love God but how much we express love to those who truly need to experience the love of God.


1 thought on “For every human being…”

  1. Thank you, Lizette. Your analyses of very essential elements of the socio-political order clearly comes out of your love for human beings as informed by the Gospel. I appreciate your keen analyses which are almost poetic, and your passion for justice pushes towards an inevitable encounter with the forces of inhumanity and evil. I think I sense that you perceive an almost Armaggedonian clash between two forces; the forces of empire that are hell-bent of domination and total control of humankind, on the one hand, and the forces of peoples’ movements on the other. The irony of our situation is that our communities of faith straddles both sides of the divide, and they might not be aware of this fact. The faithful of the church would usually wait for some cataclysmic event that exposes the hand and face of the evil one before it plunges into the struggle for justice, truth and peace. Is the ministry of Christ the very definition of the essence of our struggle, that we cannot resolutely embrace the hope and the courage of the Gospel without first going into the crucifixion? I think the answer is YES!!! How can we make the faithful accept this painful but glorious reality?

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