I am a child of the Goddess

I am a child of the Goddess
I was imagined in many waking dreams even before I was conceived.
I was birthed with blood and tears by a woman
as an entire community labored and awaited my coming
Many arms embraced me and many breasts nourished my soul.
Many hands raised me up when I fell down
and when I was lost, many more led me home.
I heard so many voices. Some whispered sweet comfort
and some cheered me on towards the goal.
And when I was ready to be on my own, they let go of my fingers
and watched me with tears until I was out of sight.
I crossed rivers and climbed mountains, ran after my dreams
and opened my soul to others.
I was changed and will never be the same.
I birthed myself again and again.
Then the Goddess came to me in a dream. She invited me to come home
and willed me to remember my beginnings.
I was afraid that she would think I was strange and send me farther away.
But she said, you have come home and found your own soul.
You have discovered your own goddess within.



4 thoughts on “I am a child of the Goddess”

  1. Come, let us celebrate the birth of the people
    Conceived by LOVE without surrender
    Borned of blood and struggle.
    O holy Goddess , Thy womb full of compassion
    You have cried and felt the pain of giving birth
    To children who would soon be giving birth too
    Of men and women
    Whose hope is unbending
    Whose faith is never compromising
    Whose love is unsurrendering

    The people from your womb
    Will sing the song of Justice
    Will dance the rhythm of Freedom
    Will recite the poetries of Compassion

    They shall not forget the pain you have borne
    The struggle you have kept
    The cries you have bravely expressed
    The fight you never gave up.

    Your children will carry on
    The unfinished battle
    In honor of your memory
    In anticipating a better home-world

  2. You and I are offsprings
    Of a seemingly aimless dance
    Of atoms of a four and half billions years,
    Whirling spontaneously but whose movements
    Are circumscribed in forms ordained by laws
    That are there at the hour of creation;
    But, like participants in a grand slam tennis tournament,
    The weaker ones are weeded out one by one,
    Till finally the fittest, the most beautiful, and the smartest
    Comes forth, and is now faced with the question,
    Who are You? Is the dance that brought about your birthing
    A mindless accident, or the emerging struggle for meaning,
    For truth, for order, for goodness and beauty.
    Your answer would make you either a Sybarite
    Who loves to swathe itself in the voluptuousness
    Of materialism, or one that would that a courageous
    Rejoinder that has brought into being
    And thus allow yourself to be woven
    Into the eternal fabric of God’s creation.

  3. I see that the are some missing words in my comment. Fourth line from below—“Of materialism, or one that would make a courageous” And the line below that –“Rejoinder that has brought you into being”. It is a real delight and joy to read your musings.

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