I saw a bird in church today….

I saw a bird inside the church today. I heard it chirping before I saw it hopping about.
I watched when it took flight and fluttered it’s tiny wings.
At first I thought it must be happy, to behold our grand sanctuary.
But then I thought why would a bird find solace in a place of cold stone and stained glasses.

We all have our place in the outside world, the world beyond the church.
We cannot stay and imagine, that God remains only within its halls.
A bird can only make a nest and find a home in a tree and fly wherever it wills.
A flower cannot truly bud and bloom when hidden in the coolness within.

The spaces beyond our worship halls are full of life and those who cry-out for life
The laborers cannot stay and sing with us for they work till the end of the day.
The children can only survive and grow when they are nurtured by communities outside our doors.
The broken and oppressed must link arms in solidarity under the sun in a journey for transformation.

We may find solace for a moment and find mystery and beauty within the church walls.
But God does not dwell there and does not summon our souls; no the church is not even God’s home.
Like the bird at the altar, we come into the sanctuary a little bit lost and pause for just moment.
But when we step out into the light or even the darkness, we know God journeys with us and we are never alone.



1 thought on “I saw a bird in church today….”

  1. Ah, yes! What creatures that would, even thug unintentionally and unconsciously, throw lovely symbols of grace, innocence, beauty and freedom into an atmosphere and valleys of death. Through billions of years, we were meticulously crafted to reach the very apex of human possibility—love, justice, freedom, kindness, mercy; but we chose to attain these through acts of greed, violence and pride, so much so that the very negation of our divine possibilities exerted so much lure and power over us, and succumbing to them, we transmogrified creation into a wasteland of misery and death.

    So where can little birds go? The earth’s atmosphere is now enveloped by carbon warming waste and toxic gas; the green pastures and verdant forests that still remain are now playgrounds of children reared in the art of killing for fun, and the little birds are “game” for them. The innocent of the earth are gradually and steadily being pushed to the margins of nothingness. What greater condemnation can we find for our love for hubris and search for ultimate security than the crushing of little creatures whose only mission, unconsciously as it may be, is to remind us that there is a world that we can be free and at peace with one another, and thus be really human.

    Our sanctuaries have been invaded and taken over by the worldliness of the world where men of power, fat with the flesh of the innocent, have successfully garbed themselves in the habiliments of the holy for whom birds of grace and beauty are mere instruments to extend their greed and domination everywhere.

    Our time is a time of “deep calling unto deep” where the absence of God is more than his/her presence, where philosophies serve not to guide but to confuse. Where is the call of the deep coming from and to what deep is its call being addressed? The quandary into which the little birds are thrown—its homelessness and eventual death—is a symbol that the call to beauty, freedom, justice, love and peace is being spoken. ( Your poetic musings are a testimony to that). But what can never be obliterated by man’s hate and greed is that fact that his greatest need is to love and be loved, and in that act of loving discover a third reality, the killing of which reveals ever more powerfully that it is ultimately the liberator of the human race, and then we will enjoy seeing little birds hopping, twitting, and flying again.

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