We come together in a circle

We come together in a circle.

We come together in a circle, as many have done before.
Where we cry for ourselves and for each other
Where we laugh at the same stories again and again
Where we gather to share meals like there’s no tomorrow
Where we rejoice at each other’s simplest joy
Where we rage as one for the oppression of another.
Where we know we will never be alone.

We come together in a circle, knowing our differences and yet celebrating each other.
Where we mortals can find the gods and goddesses within
Where we weave myths and summon past lives and believe in our tomorrows
Where when we feel broken, we find ourselves whole and rebirthed again.

We come together in a circle, for a moment such as this
Where we remember the love of those who went ahead of us
And embrace and call to the circle those who remain.

We come together in a circle, for the birth of not one but four.
For Lily who we once called a flower, is a healer for the body and the soul.
For Revelation who teaches about life and revolution, is a warrior beyond compare
For Mommy Mary who birthed and nurtures daughters, and embraces children born of other wombs.
For Connie Semy who is priestess and mythmaker, casting seeds of miracle and magic to those who need her care.


1 thought on “We come together in a circle”

  1. In Marin Buber’s philosophy there is the idea of “the between, or betweenness” which is the presence of the divine that emerges between or among persons in genuine dialogue with each other. It is a case of “deep calling unto” where when two people authentically respond to each other’s deepest need, their dialogue begins to be intruded by the divine presence. I guess Lizette sense this reality of the between when she wrote this tender and beautiful piece.

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