A Babaylan’s Soul

A babaylan, we have been told, must be a daughter and sister,
And especially must experience being a mother and a spouse
But in our midst are women who dare to take a different road
Women who choose to journey on their own.

She finds love and companions but something greater summons her soul
She is healer, warrior and mythmaker, passions which call her away from home
Her life is not offered to one mate and the children birthed fom her womb
No her soul is a gift to those who dare to take the journey with her,
a journey where one seeks to be whole.

She dares to summon others to seek wholeness
For she has known brokenness and pain.
She lights the path through the darkness
She creates visions for others where once there was only shame.
She rises against those who would silence the weak
She enchants you so that you can begin to believe
She will hold your hand through the deepest pain
And set you on your way when you are well again.

No, a babaylan need not be lover or a mother
But she must know how to love herself
For the greatest love and gift to the living
Can come from a woman who has known her own soul.



2 thoughts on “A Babaylan’s Soul”

  1. The rising of Babaylan, means the rising of awareness
    Daring to be unbound by the standard of domination
    Taking the path of the known ,
    Subverting the normalcy of power control

    When she speaks about LOVE, it is about the LOVE that is only constant
    The LOVE that would dispel injustice and oppression
    The LOVE that heals, redeems, liberates and endless compassion
    The gift of her LOVE is not actually a secret but eternally revealed
    But those who dare, must have known both the pain and victory of LOVE itself.

    Hear her cry, see her dance
    Feel her rhythm from the depth of her heart
    In her pain, healing is born
    Yet in cold dark night, she contemplates until the power of Light ascends
    In her light, the darkness succumbs
    SHE the Warrior, SHE the Sword the pierces the chain of domination
    SHE the Flower that blooms from the seed laid to rest on the earth

    The rising of Babaylan , the rising of awareness
    The unsurrendering will against robbers of dignity and plunderers of the earth
    The LOVE she defines according to what it takes to live and die and live forever .

  2. I am not a woman, so I am predestined
    Not to be a Babaylan, but I do share
    The Babaylan’s mission to lure
    Women and men to their authentic humanity.

    The role of a man, vis a vis that of a Babaylan
    Is to complement the being and gifts of womanhood.
    To dance with her to the music of her soul
    As she celebrates the genius and beauty of her femininity
    And create joy, camaraderie and peace
    in the heart of humanity;

    It is to engage in the most serious and tender
    Of reflections that makes itself vulnerable
    To thoughts and feelings that issue forth
    From the deep, dark and unexplored depths
    Of the human psyche where the better
    Angels of our humanity are locked in
    By the cold and crass logic of rationality.
    And open the windows of heart, soul and mind
    To the truth that fulfills our humanity.

    If I break myself free from the constraints
    Of my marital covenant, it is not to abrogate
    My sacred vows, but to exemplify
    The genius of that covenant that allows
    A firm and solid commitment to One
    And gives me freedom to savor
    the empowering, liberating and enriching
    Blessings of the Babaylan
    As she fulfills her mission for the righteousness, peace and joy
    Of humankind.

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