Did you see God today?

Did you see God today?
Was God cradling the child sleeping soundly on the cold pavement?
Was God guiding the blind man as he raised his palm towards the car window?
Was God right beside the father peddling candies on the street?
Was God sitting on a pew as the rain fell unceasingly?

Did you hear the voice of God today?
Was God speaking through the pastor with his deep and beautiful voice?
Was God whispering a prayer so that the flood would not drown the young and old?
Was God crying with the children who feel hungry amidst people passing by?
Was God condemning the corruption that enriches the powerful and denies the poor life?

Do you still believe God sees only you
As people are felled by bullets in Zamboanga, Syria or Palestine?
Do you still believe that God has chosen only you
As people are enslaved, tortured, and disappeared for profit and for mines?

Can we speak of God having blessed us
As millions go hungry in the world today?
Can we turn away from our suffering people?
Can we say we truly felt God in church today?



1 thought on “Did you see God today?”

  1. I guess the answer would be, it depends.
    If one is an atheist, of course, the answer is NO.
    If one is a theist, the answer is Yes, but saddled with so many qualifications; if one is an agnostic, the answer is, what do I care?
    If you are the suffering one—the hungry, the bombing victim, the one who lost a loved one, the one constantly buffeted by “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” the answer is, No, I did not, God has abandoned me.
    We love to think God as Superman, the One who can do everything, conquer any evil power, the perfectly Good Guy who comes to the aid of the good, the innocent, the victims of the selfish operations of the high and the mighty, the One whose presence and power insures that the world will be safe for humanity. Theism has reinforced this kind of wishful believing, and indeed there are parts of Scripture that give credence to this desire to believe in a perfectly good, loving God who possess his/her attributes in an absolute way.
    But this God is contradicted by the way Jesus revealed God to us. Sure he is just, good, loving and absolutely opposed to evil, but Jesus’ God exercises his/her power through love—love that is totally fused with truth, justice, mercy and love. Jesus incarnated truth and justice through concrete acts of love. And, Jesus exemplifying divinity in his word, act and being, issued a call to every human being to participate in the struggle he waged against the powers of evil. He is the man, totally open to the truth, justice and love of god so much so that he became the aboriginal instance of the divine-human synergy that battles against sin, death and evil in the lives of people and in history. A child sleeping on a cold dirty pavement is God’s call through Jesus to every human person to come to the aid of the child and eliminate the socio-political conditions that consign people to miserable conditions. A family whose loved one are gunned down by a mad man or terrorists is a call of the divine-human synergy to create a new human community where such appalling acts of evil have lost its reason and necessity. In every event in our lives and in our history there are signs of the divine struggling against forces of sin and evil, where every human being is called to participate to push back and curtail evil forces or to add to the power and appeal of every good and beautiful thing. God is at work in our lives and in our world, but He/She works in and through the form (where we are totally open to the indwelling of God’s Spirit), the dynamics (where we identify ourselves with the victims, take up their cause, and struggle with them come what may) and thrust (where we move towards the coming Kingdom) of the ministry of Christ. When such events happen, then I can hear God speaking.

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