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I am no queen

I am no queen of a kingdom
I do not wish for a knight to rescue me
I do not care to wear a ballgown
To exhibit beauty and femininity

I am no diva either
I will not compete to be a success
I only wish to enchant for a moment
To touch a soul and bring happiness

I could never be your barbie doll
To dress and be placed on display
I cannot remain a girl, so thin and so pale
I am my own woman today

But a woman can be a warrior and huntress
Defending and raising a community
Creating sanctuaries in the wilderness
A land where people can be free.

She can be a healer and a dancer
A lone worker or a passionate partner
Summoning life, love and laughter
Ushering births, journeys on earth and in the ever after.

She can be a daughter, sister and mother
Creating Gardens of Eden where she chooses
She can be a lover or a lone sojourner
Embracing life and seeking wholeness


3 thoughts on “I am no queen”

  1. I am the collective Babaylan
    Silenced by the colonials
    Scandalized by my power
    Intrigued by my accessories.

    I am the collective music of women
    We are for sisterhood to one another
    When we sing from the depth of our souls
    The wind dance with us and we take the delight.

    I am a collective warrior
    Borne of struggle, a freedom fighter
    A guerilla in the forest
    Wasting no time to ensure victory

    I am a collective Babaylan
    Mystical, magical, and yes a heretic
    My humor can heal, my touch can cure
    I give birth to myself and can midwife others

    I am your sister, daughter, mother,lola and kin
    We create and recreate an Eden where no one is stranger
    A heaven on earth where children know no hunger.
    And everyone has a chance to sit under a mango -tree and rest.

    1. Dr. Levi, we have been told too many stories about wicked queens and evil empresses that I forget that there are queens who are compassionate and just. Thank you for reminding me that we can seek to be that.
      Too many times, too, women shun authority and leadership, fearing that they may become the tyrants they abhor. I think we just need to remember the feminine nurturing and gentleness so that we can be ‘good queens.’

  2. Your powerful denials about being a Queen, I understand
    For such Queens are part of the world you abhor and detest,
    But such denials reveal that your are the Queen I am looking for.
    One who will make a radical reversal of the Queen you despise.

    No you are not the Queen, who with scepter in hand,
    Can meek her wishes come true,
    Whose gail in walking make other women salivate between their legs,
    And cause men to their wildest Freudian delights.

    But you are the Queen that shatter the chains
    Forged in the anvils of Don Juans and Caanovas,
    The Queen who wields a sword who castrates men
    Who treat women as mere playthings to boost their manliness.

    You are the Queen who plunges deep in the feminine soul
    And bring to life the long dormant power and beauty of every woman,
    Who can stand toe to toe with any man, and make him recognize
    And compel him to know that without her, he is nothing.

    For you are the Queen who bares the authentic being
    Of both man and woman, whose highest need is to love and be loved
    And in that mutuality of loving, their essence of being human
    Comes to expression, embracing as it does, ecstasy, joy and peace.

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