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Life is a Gift

Life is a gift
And I have been gifted with many
For every person whose life touches mine
Has offered me a moment, a vision, some wisdom
An image of the Divine.

One must seek to be born again and again
For most children do not even remember the journey from the womb.
One must seek to be born again and again,
But every struggle, every pain, every labor must not be in vain.
For in our own birthings, we create new beginnings, new life, or just a new day.

One must choose what one remembers
What is embraced by the soul and what must be buried forever
To cherish what brings us laughter and joy unspeakable
To believe in the magic and memories we keep to ourselves or share with others.

One must choose life for it is the life of not one but many
For those who have gone ahead have offered their lives for this race to remain.
Generations of mothers have conceived, birthed, and nurtured children for tomorrows
Tomorrows which are today but will become yesterday.
Yesterdays which will be remembered to live just one more day.

Life is a gift
To taste, to savor and to be lived
For the number of lives and moments we come upon
Is determined by how much we have allowed ourselves to receive
And how much of ourselves we offer so that others may live.

Artwork from FaceBook, Artist unknown.


1 thought on “Life is a Gift”

  1. Yes, indeed, life is a gift.
    And the Giver and the recipient of the gift
    Are bound each to each
    By a tenderness that softens the hardest of hearts
    And a toughness that is stronger than hell.

    The Bible calls it “the imago die,
    It binds every human being to one another,
    And human beings to the meaningful Power
    And Purposive thrust that holds sway
    All over the universe.

    It is the destiny with which every act
    Of human freedom has to deal with,
    And thus every act each of us takes
    Is a process of rebirthing, reaffirming
    Of the imago die that is in us.

    Thus every human being, even the total stranger,
    Is a sister or a brother, yearning to love and be loved
    And to offer such a yearning the possibility of realization
    Is what creates humanity whose full realization
    Is the be-all and end-all of our lives.

    But ironically the gift of life cannot be had
    Without jousting with the problem of how
    To receive the gift; for one can seize it
    For one’s own personal aggrandizement, or
    For bestowing the gift to one’s fellow human beings.

    The first option has converted humanity
    Into a sea of conflict and antagonism
    Moving history towards a horrendous Armaggedon;
    The other option is confronted with a truth
    That looks like stupidity as it seemingly demands
    A total sacrifice of self and everything that one
    Holds dear, for the sake of the other.

    But in truth it is essential rebirth
    That exorcises evil, sin and death
    And conquers them and gives to all
    Who embrace it the courage to be
    That allows the gift character of life
    To be the Gift come hell or high water.

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