BTR, children, hope, theology, women

What must it be like…

What must it be like to wait for the violent waters to drown you?
What must it feel like to be slapped on the face by winds so strong?
Is there a more fervent prayer to God than when you wish you could protect the children who cling to you?
Is there a deeper anguish when those you love cannot remain where they have always belonged?

Do we put behind all we have lost when we are gifted with a brand new morning?
Do we hold the picture of loved ones in our memory and do we beg them to help us forget someday?
Do we find comfort when we give shelter to child who has lost his mother and all his younger siblings?
Can we find reasons to believe that tomorrow will be a better day?

How does a people rise when they are crushed to ground, in the paradise they have always known?
How do they raise their children to have hope and faith, and to believe that one is never alone?
I do not know the answers. I only know that people have survived and will fight for another day to live.
I can no longer cry out to a God for their salvation and protection, I must reach out to them and give.

Photo not taken by me. From one of the leading local newspapers….


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