One day

I see the sun slowly rising
The light seems to paint the darkness away
I hear the chirping birds
It seems they sing, ‘today’s a brand new day.’
I feel the cat brush against me
It’s softness and warmth, familiar and sweet
I rise from my bed
and once again I stand on my own two feet

I begin my morning ritual
I may sing or remember the dream last night
I feel the cool water on my face
I feel my whole being come to life
I ask myself what will I be today
A teacher, a priestess or a force
She whispers, ‘you can be mysterious,
Or you can be the woman they adore.’

One moment I am filled with hope and joy
With loved ones and friends around me
Sharing meals and laughing loudly
Believing in all the possibilities
And then I am reminded of human frailty
I feel anger, sadness and life’s uncertainty
I feel my emotion boiling
I am surprised the world does not hide from me

But even I forget my own sadness and anger
When the sun sets and darkness covers the sky
I feel the breeze blow the pains away
And I can only believe in the night
I close my eyes and see clearly
The peace that my soul desires
My spirit is renewed for in my mind
I weave dreams and see visions for new life.

Art by Tamara Adams


3 thoughts on “One day”

    1. I wrote my reflections to your “One Day,” but somehow it vanished in thin air. I cannot find it, perhaps I can make a reconstruction but I never will be able to come up with the original words, though the spirit of what I wrote is still within me. I tried to say that you are exhibiting your humanity in a very simple and tender way as poets and shamans do, and that in doing so you have transcended material reallity and moved into the realm of the human, an act of liberation from the crassness and materialism of the dominant culture. Your are a poet, an artist, a shaman

  1. Thank you, Tamara.

    Thank you, Dr. Levi. You have a similar gift. I agree when you say that when I write I exhibit my humanity. i think when you write, and speak, you remind us of our divinity.

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