I believe

I believe the smallest flower must be bathed with gentle rain.
I believe the beautiful butterfly must display its colors without shame.
I believe the black cat must never be given any blame
I believe the dimmest star must still be given a name.

I believe the darkest night will birth a brand new day.
I believe a word of protest can be mightier than a prayer.
I believe the insignificant will surprise and change the world.
I believe that God is not in the heavens, God dwells with us on earth.

I don’t believe the children must suffer for the sins of their parents.
I don’t believe that one must pray unceasingly to God in heaven.
I don’t believe my people must repent for the sins of the powerful few.
I don’t believe salvation will come to those who just remain on the pew.

Art by Tamara Adams


1 thought on “I believe”

  1. Yes, I fully share your beiiefs
    Which declares that all things in creation
    Have a right to be.
    But it clamors for a larger, more total faith
    In the dialectics that launched the process of Creation
    Into being, and within this vast, majestic reality
    Are things that befuddle the mind
    Such as mosquitoes that no matter how deeply
    I think I find no reason, purpose or sense for them.
    Oh, and there are super powerful storms
    That bring nothing but destruction and death,
    Earthquakes that shakes everything on earth
    As if they were mere playthings of a god gone insane,
    And a thousand and one diseases that afflict
    the very old and the very young
    Rendering all the noblest work we do
    Into nothingness as if to mock our struggles
    To realize the finest potentials of our humanity.
    And yet all these exist side by side
    With all things bright and beautiful
    And forces that humanize and propel us
    To the summun bonum that we dream of.
    Such reflections compel me to accept
    Our finitude and punniness in the face of
    Whatever is ultimately true, good and powerful
    In the dialectics of Creation,
    And submit ourselves to it, align our thoughts
    With it, and be its instruments in the belief
    That whatever is true, just, good, loving
    Will forever be woven by this Ultimate Power
    Into the warf and woof of his/her will
    And we will find our place, peace and
    Reason for being there,

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