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If I can write into being…

If I can write myself into being
I would be born to a land where no one weeps and despairs
I will be nurtured and loved by a community whether I am male or female
I could speak, dance and sing – my own thoughts, my own rhythm, my own song
I would be safe when I walk on a narrow road, and journey on my own
I will not be afraid whether I am beautiful or ordinary for I know I have my own gifts
I will live a long and joyful life, and know truly who I am and what I seek

If I can write my people into being
We would never be slaves again and all people would be truly free
We would raise our voices and walk the streets at every injustice, and demand truth and integrity
We will find that all children have safe homes and have enough food to eat
Where all can find rest and sleep at night, and rise up in the morning with hope and dignity
Where farmers could plant and fisherfolk can fish and taste the fruits of the land and sea
Where governments do not care to profit but will seek the good for all creatures and humanity

If I can write peace into being
It will be a time that will come not tomorrow, but today
It will be as the common people imagined, a time of plenty for not a few but for all
A place where there is equality: water for all who thirst, healing for all who are broken
A shelter, a sanctuary for every body, where no bullet can be heard and no curse is spoken
A peace that creates circles of compassion. A peace that seeks justice for the oppressed.
A peace that is built by prayers and action. The peace that the prophets professed.

Art by Karol Bak



1 thought on “If I can write into being…”

  1. Why do our dreams of a new world where
    Humans whose every act of freedom is exercised in love
    And whose every act of loving is an exercised in freedom;
    Is almost impossible to come by?
    Where being human is like a cruel joke perpetuated
    No less than God Himself (blame the Englsih language for being sexist).
    A god whom we invested with all the perfections and excellences
    Our minds can conceive of, and who being god,
    Has the power of bringing into being things that are not,
    And casting into non-being things that are,
    And who therefore can bring all our human dreams into realization?
    There must be something amiss in the way we grasp and shape god.
    At the very center of our faith is the impossibe and heretical notion
    Of God becoming human, and thus of humans rising to divinity.
    We have loaded the meaning of God with all the superlatives,
    Perfections, excellences we could think of and cast the Divine
    Into a state of absolute holiness and perfection
    So much so that God becomes the compellling power
    To which we are irresistibly drawn—the mysterium fascinosum,
    And yet is also the terrifying consuming force
    That reduces us—no matter how perfect and holy we are—
    Into a shameful unrighteousness fit only to be crushed
    Even in our own sight?
    If that is so, what sense if there to affirm
    That the ‘Word has become flesh and dwelt among us,
    Full of grace and glory?
    It was through this impossibility that our human dreams
    Are to find realization.
    But who would dare transform his/her human form to rise
    To become divine?
    But strangely, the way to divinity is the way of nothingness,
    That act of nothingness which is a total pouring out of oneself
    For the sake of the other who is denied his/her humanity
    By forces of evil, inhumanity and injustice,
    Powers that since time began have managed to cast
    Their greed, hypocrisy and evil upon the whole earth
    Bewitching the majority of humans that they hold the promise
    Of prosperity, power and peace for humankind
    If they would allow themselves to be carried
    By their design for their destiny, and opposition to them
    Would meet total destruction and death.
    The way to divinity is the way of shame, po is the waverty and powerlessness;
    The way to humnaity is the way to weakness, helplessness, and nothingness;
    Yet, paradoxicaly, it is also the way to the heart of the human
    Because it is the way to righteousness, to justice, to goodness
    To real power, to love and to peace.
    Why so? It is because to champion the cause of the victim of injustice
    With courage and resoluteness reveals the truth of what human beings are:
    Creatures whose essence is love that expresses itself in freedom;
    Creatures whose righteousness is realized in acts of justice,
    And creatures whose and gifts are expended for the least among them,
    And whose power is used to serve the best interests and good of the other.
    When our dreams drive us to a courage that dare to be who we are;
    When our dreams accep the way of the cross
    As the way to exorcizing evil and injustice in the ways and hearts of human beings,
    And as the way of making them aware of the human within them,
    Then, I have no doubt that the sun of a new heaven and a new earth
    Would shed its illuminating and empowering rays upon us
    And bring forth our human dreams into reality.

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