If I see someone so bruised and broken,
Will my compassion heal the wounds of his soul?
If I caught his eye and he saw kindness in them,
Will he feel stronger knowing someone wishes him to be whole?

If I give him food to feed his hunger,
Will he forget the hunger of his family waiting for him at home?
If I come forward to say I truly care,
Will I have the courage to offer him a new life and a home?

We live in a world of civilized and good people
Yet find in our midst, the poor and marginalized
When will we care enough to sacrifice the good things we enjoy
So that a child, a family and a community can begin to feel truly alive.


Photo by Apol Laxamana


1 thought on “If”

  1. You touched upon the essential debate between liberal democracy and sociaiism, The former speaks of the virtue of being moral that spontaneously pours out its heart to a human being in need, but the numbers of those who practice it come so faw and so far between, that the latter says is better left to the powers that be to ordain and implement so that help that should come to the poor would not be sporadic and chancy. But liberalism says to help the helpless through coercive legislation takes both morality and freedom away from humans, and inevitably coerces the powerful to be brutal, cruel and inhuman to thier fellow human beings. To which sociailism responds—-liberal democracy lures human beings to selfishness and greed and tempts the able and the gifted among human to reach for the stars, leaving their fellow human beings in the dust and keeping them there in perpetuity. Human beings are selfish, and to solve the anthropological problem state power must bind human beings with bonds of steel to prevent individuals from giving full rein to the selfishness and materialism.

    Is there a solution? The spiritual giants of the race say there is. They are unanimous in saying that the fallen self—egoistic, hypocritical, cruel and inhuman, must be denied to give rise to the authentically human in human beings. The Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Mahatma Ghandi, Matrin Luther King, Jr., and so many others have plunged into it and have given expression to its truth, power and beauty. But they have won only in principle, and while humanity gives tribute and assent to their heroic achievements, such assent has become habiliments of hypocrisy to hundreds of millions of human beings, and thus we have a world steadily slouching upon destruction and death while sining the beautiful songs of humanity.

    On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 2:45 AM, diwatalakayan

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