Someone’s longing…

Someone longs for the sunrise
For it is the only lightness which cannot be denied
For it it cannot be stopped as it covers a once darkened sky.

Someone longs for the darkness
Where one can hide in shadows and a pitchblack night
Where one can erase the fears and demons so evident in the light.

Someone longs for a cool wind
Where the air that comes through your nostrils burn
For the air seems to deliver new promises as it clears the air so that old hopes can return.

Someone pines for warmth that returns in the summer
For it summons the seemingly dead to rise
As it reminds us of summers and youthful years which brought us endless delight.

Someone wishes for water with tears in their eyes
For lands and rivers that have dried and despaired
For mothers and daughters who walk for hours to find precious water to sustain a community and its heirs.

Someone prays for the waters to flow to the sea
For it drowns farmlands, animals, families and communities
So that farmers can plan anew and fisher folk can draw bounty from the sea

The world is both fertile and barren
As some parts are nurtured and broken
In the healing of our lands, we are birthed as a people.
And in the healing of our broken communities, there is wholeness in the depths of our soul.

Art by Tamara Adams



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