The singing of souls

When I had yet to fall-in-love with someone
I thought it was about destiny and waiting for God’s signs

Then someone made my heart sing and filled me with imaginings
But he knew not of my  existence, so how could he be mine

Then finally came a moment when somebody seemed to adore the woman I had become
He showed me that magic and happiness come to those who believe in love

Then unexpectedly love fades or was it he who faded away
I came to understand how hearts can break, how tears can blind, how someone can become a stranger in a day

But the soul knows when to let go and how to mend, it forgets those who cannot remain
She dares to reach out and create moments to continue a journey that has no end

For some, love will be rare and fleeting. For others it is as constant as the sun and moon.
For love cannot measured by eternity. It is recognized in the singing of souls



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