BTR, hope, theology

Who paints the petals of a flower?

I do not see the wind but I know it makes the branches of the trees sway
I do not witness the water rising from the earth but it will fall from the sky one day
I cannot look at the sun but I know it is she who rains light upon all Creation
I need not wish for the morning to come for it is faithful even without my devotion

I did not pray for the seawater to lift me as I rested on it’s surface
I did not dream for the mountain peak, it was there at the end of the trail
I wished not for a tree to shelter me, it just waited for our moment to meet
I could not imagine a waterfall so magnificent for it is a vision that no human can conceive

Who paints the petals of a flower orange, then colors the center red?
Who makes the green mango fruit turn yellow, from a flower that burst into a bud?
Who molds and stretches a little worm so that it is able to become a butterfly?
Who whispers and summons a bird from a nest to soar as an eagle should in the sky?

Why does the Earth continue spinning, when half of the world is asleep in the dark?
How do creatures keep believing when their souls have not seen the light?
Does the Creator understand our prayers when they are spoken in many languages and words?
What more does God need to do for us that we cannot do for ourselves?

Art by Tamara Adams


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