Our first and last step

No one ever really remembers
the very first time they took a step as a child
And just the same we have forgotten
the many times we have fallen and cried
But one can never really learn to walk unless they stumble and feel some hurt
And then we can always try again
because someone will raise us up and dust off the dirt

And then a child is never content with walking
and always just begins to run
There is just something about our feet pounding the earth
and our bodies being warmed by the bright sun
Sometimes we run towards something we want
or away from something that brings us fear
Our childhood is just full of start ups and finishes, 
with friends both random and dear

And then we learned to  stride with purpose
and throw our heads back with pride
Or sometimes we walk with hunched shoulders
and hide our faces when we cry
Still there were times when we danced to the music
that only we can hear
Or took a leap of faith and journeyed
what even our minds did not dare to conceive

Then a time will come when we must choose carefully
the paths that we will take
For once again our feet are unsteady
and we are fearful of what we can break
It is then that we must learn to dance slowly
in the spaces familiar and safe
And cherish the moments we can stand on our feet
and dare a bit more even when our knees shake

Maybe some of us will run farther and longer
Maybe some will take paths that go beyond the border
But we all have the power to walk alone or together
In journeys that we can keep in our souls forever


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