Raising children

Looking at them now it seems almost surreal that I carried them once in my womb
How I felt them growing in my belly,  how our connection made me bloom
How I had a new sense of wonder and saw a miracle in every little thing they learned
How they have changed my life completely and made life more beautiful at every turn

For awhile it felt like I was everything they needed and I answered their every cry
For awhile my words were wise and enough, and they followed my every desire


And then they began to fathom the world so great beyond their mother’s eyes
They ran past me,  climbed mountains and dived in waters  and will journey on beyond my sight

Who knows what adventures will compel them to commit and offer their lives
I just hope they will always remember the words I repeated as I looked into their eyes
To always take the side of the poor and to serve in this land and their people
And always believe they can always rise up no matter how many times they fall.

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