I sit by the door and watch the bright blue sky and the birds
Sometimes the scenes before me are so beautiful they are beyond words
A child can brighten up my day with just one toothless smile
A kind and thoughtful gesture can bring tears of joy to my eyes.

There are moments it seems when the universe conspires to fill my life with meaning
When seeds we have sown, journeys we have taken,  and people we meet keep us believing
Believing that there is good in the world and better tomorrows await our children
Where the pathways and halls we walk through are full of flowers and true friends.

And yet no one can be so blinded to not see the children begging in the street
Or how the old men run after cars on the highway to peddle drinks and sweets
Their skins are burnt and wrinkled and their faces are aged beyond their years
They come to us almost begging to bring home some food for the family.

And then who can ignore the destruction brought upon us by the wind and rain
Who can deny the families separated by work,  war and suffering
Who can be blind to the violence and oppression of children and women
Who can remain silent against the corruption  and genocide of governments and imperialism

We cannot remain sheltered in the  four corners of our home
Believing that we are immune from the horrors and pains others in the world have known
And so even if we can still afford to marvel at the mountains and the sunsets
We must speak for dignity and justice for all of earth’s sacred children

Photo by Paul Jeffrey



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