Solidarity and Accountability

Nanay Celia, the mother of Mary Jane, has been put down as an ‘ingrata’ for openly criticizing the government of B. S. Aquino. But when you have anguished and despaired for 5 years while anticipating your youngest child’s execution, you have been at your darkest and you know, really know, who was truly there for you and who ushered in the light.

There is a huge difference between accountability and solidarity.

Accountability is when those in government, like P-noy, do what is required of them because of their authority and position. Government has the resources available to them to respond and act in ways that are not possible for ordinary people,  even human rights advocates.

Solidarity is when people who have no authority or position commit themselves and feel accountable for the well-being of others. The people who signed the petition to save Mary Jane, those who went to the Indonesian Embassy, and the common people who took every opportunity to cry-out for justice for her had no real power except their compassion, passion and collective voice.

Accountability is about doing what is necessary and just. Solidarity is about exhausting all efforts and never giving up.

Nanay Celia is only holding P-noy and his government accountable.  Sadly, they have not done what is necessary and just for Mary Jane and many OFWs like her.

I understand Nanay Celia.  The fight to save Mary Jane Veloso is not yet over. We must demand that P-noy and his government do what is necessary and just. We must hold them accountable.

As for us, we must remain in solidarity with Mary Jane, her sons, Nanay Celia and their family. It is in our collective voice and action that God’s justice is manifested in this unjust world.



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