Of Bare Feet, Wings and Horns


Our keynote speaker at the just concluded National Consultation for Women Doing Theology, Ms Liza B Lamis, took off her sandals and dared to compare herself to Maleficent. And why not?

To kick off our sandals is to feel the ground and soil
To feel the sacred earth and know that we belong
Then she spoke of Church and tradition
Then of women who lost their song
For they choose to turn away from the dirt and the ground
They submit to the self-proclaimed gods and let go of their soul

She likened herself to Maleficent, so beautiful even with horns
She is wild and can spread her wings and fly and to the heavens belong
But horns and wings are not for creatures like her
And they tore her wings from her body
But she raged and resisted and defied those who defiled her
And protected, the meek, the wild and the embodied

There are women amongst us who dare to speak
They will name the demons we dare not mention
They dare to propose equality and partnership
They denounce all forms of domination.

She is Liza, Norma, Lilith, Darlene and Benny.
She is Nanay Celia, Nanay Inday, Nanay Pong and Daughter Nikki.
We must conceive, birth and nurture many more daughters like them
Because imperialism, oppression and poverty must end.

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