I remember my mother’s laughter

I remember my mother’s laughter
It was the kind that was infectious and loud
I could swear I could hear her soul sing
And when it ceases the music seems to stop

I remember how she looked right through me
I still wonder if she could read my mind
These were moments when we were both silent
Together, but separate, two of a kind

And yes I remember her courage
To speak what is really in her mind
She is not a woman who would silence her rage
But I have never seen her being unkind

I remember how she performed like a diva
How she blossomed and beamed under the bright lights
And her songs always took me to another place
Of lovers and deaths,  of fantasies and flights

But most of all I remember how I felt sure of her love
It was not often said or expressed in embraces
It was there whenever she was present
Like the sun whether it sets or rises

Art by Tamara Adams



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