The things we come upon when we’re older

There are some things you only come upon
after living for quite some time
Like revelling in solitude
when you used to be so afraid to be alone
You find joy in the silences
and the choices you can make on your own
You reach out for life with your whole being
and trust the universe where you belong

You learn to forgive yourself
for the weaknesses that used to torment you
And in this newfound freedom we are made kinder
and enable others to find forgiveness too.
Our souls know what truly nurtures us
and give us courage to walk away
And hold even nearer those who love us for the right reasons
and leave behind those who cannot really stay

No longer are you driven to find absolute answers
for the mysteries of life
Instead you allow life to flow like a river
and believe the darkness will be overcome by light
You can cry in a moment of weakness
and fall down when you feel broken inside
You can dance and sing amidst struggle
and rise up again to fight

We realize that we are not the center
of anyone’s universe even if we are loved
But we must claim our own space for ourselves
for only we know what nourishes our soul
And when we feel full we reach out
to give spark to others so they can find their own light
For it is only when we give of ourselves fully can we truly feel whole inside.

Art by Tamara Adams



1 thought on “The things we come upon when we’re older”

  1. And even you feel hated and despised
    You will find yourself grounded on your feet
    The heart may rage in surprising betrayal
    But the soul will find its rest in trusting your truth.

    You cry without being restrained, you laugh like there is no tomorrow
    You listen when someone speaks, without pressure in promptly challenging what is said
    When falsehood mates with deceit to slur sensibility
    You seek for the reasons and find ways to bolster the core of your being.

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