Born many times over

A response to Diwata Norma Dollaga’s
Born Many Times Over

Born many times over
From within the deep womb of life
Struggling because to be re-born is the only way to survive

Born many times over
With blood, sweat and tears
With pains borne for decades birthing revolutions and uprisings

Born many times over
For we are killed when our loved ones disappear
It is only in remembering and protesting can we overcome our fears.

Born many times over
And we must teach our children to rise up and struggle on
For we can only defend our freedoms when we the people realize that together we are strong.

Born Many Times Over
By Diwata Norma Dollaga

Born many times over
Lived and died and lived
In thousands of cries and tears
In the silent and strong protests
In people’s clenched fists, and open hands
In the smile and prophetic wisdom of children
In the daring power of youth
In the wisdom of the sages

Born many times over
From great lessons learned
From the imprisoned because of their belief their minds and hearts are free
From the landless peasants whose dignity cannot be bought by silver and gold
From the migrants living in strange lands who chose to survive, fight and live for their loved ones
From the intellectuals and artists who humbly decided whom they would serve
From those whose hearts, minds, bodies and souls were offered only for the sake of others

Born many times over
in the hopes and dreams of a better life for all
In the faith, that unseen vision
Will dawn on us
And even if I may not behold the prophesy
Still no regrets that I dreamt with the believers.



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