Of God and Lumads

What forces an elder of a tribe to lead people to leave their homes?
How great is the fear that drives them to abandon their ancestors’ bones?
Do they feel the weight of their burdens as they traverse the rivers and mountains?
To whom do they turn for justice when the powerful’s hands are bloodstained?

Can someone truly find peace within when wars are raging around them?
Can a father’s protection be enough when the wicked wield arms for killing?
Can a mother speak of hope and faith amidst so much suffering and pain?
Can we shelter our children from violence when killing has become a game?

Does it matter if we speak of evils, of suffering and violence happening in distant places?
Would the world be any different when  we raise our voices and protest?
Can anyone blame us if we turn away from sad stories that burden our souls?
Do we still believe that amidst brokenness, we are set apart to be pure and whole?

Is the God who took the side of the Hebrew slaves, the same God who requires us to make a stand?
Does this same God hear the cries of the Lumads,  their children and even the land?
Are the Lumads also God’s people, and children of God just like you and me?
If they are our sisters and brothers, can we stand with them and defend their lives and dignity?


1 thought on “Of God and Lumads”

  1. There ought to be a movement of all people of goodwill in the Philippines to rally around the Lumads, identify their ancestral lands, deed it to them, and assist them to carve a decend and hubeman living for themselves. I do not know who are driving out the Lumads from their land or what their interests are—but to evict a people from their homeland is a terrible crime. If we allow this, then anyone could be the next victim of the rapacious powers that are doing this to the Lumads.

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