The People and the Kingdom of God

Why do we who are in church still worry if we are saved?
Why do we speak of faith in God as if it’s proclamation will change the world?
We talk and talk, and preach and preach, and pray and pray to God in heaven.
We humbly come before our God and silence our real and life-threatening burdens.

But how do we know God listens and why should  we wait for God to act?
Will God not be pleased if we raged against the killing of the Lumads?
Will God not cry when we cry for the Syrians and the Palestinians dying everyday?
Will God not want us to raise our voices and our fists for those who suffer another day?

We sit in our sacred spaces and are sheltered in our holy homes.
We can silence the voices of the strangers and forget they are the neighbors to whom we are called.
For all our heartfelt prayers, nothing will change in this cruel world
If we who call ourselves Christians can only bow our heads to the Lord.

For we are not called to praise God alone, we are called to change the world
Even Jesus did not just come to preach but to challenge the Kingdom of Rome
For if we who call ourselves Christians can do only good to our families and friends
Our faith will do nothing for the world and the Kingdom of God will end

Because the Kingdom of God is greater than the Church
God’s people are not just those who worship inside it
God’s people are those who need God the most
And their wholeness is the essence of God’s kingdom-building



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