What societies are we creating for coming generations

What kind of societies are we creating for the coming generations
When we build walls and borders to separate nations
When we terrorize the peaceful to force them to leave their own land
When our governments are cruel and only a few make a stand

What kind of culture are we teaching the children entrusted to us
When we do not tell them stories of heroes and revolutions past
When we forget the powers of Maria Makiling and Babaylans
When we bury our ancestors’ memories, languages, and love for this land

What kind of environment are we leaving our children’s children
Will they still marvel at the forest or will their beauty be soon forgotten
Will they still know the joy of swimming with fishes and creatures still unnamed
Or will they suffer sicknesses and know that their parents’ generation is to blame

What kind of human beings are we raising to tend this fragile  earth
Do their families have the tenderness and strength to nurture them from birth
Will they value community, wholeness, equality, justice and peace
Or will some of them know only pain and hunger, while others live in luxury and feast.



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