hope, life, poetry

I am thankful

I am thankful for the sun that never fails to rise everday
It brightens every morning so earth’s children can play
I am thankful for the air unseen and every breath we take
A steady ritual we fulfill whether we despair or have faith

I am grateful for the solitude I feel even for a moment
And for healings and forgivenesses which mend us after being broken
I am grateful for the little chances and surprises so unexpected
For the songs and words, endearments and conversations common and repeated

I am grateful for the rage I feel for injustices committed by those who have power
For I know that humanity’s suffering requires a protest for every soul offended
I am grateful for friends and strangers who struggle and resist domination
For they are the voice and soul that breaks the silence and oppression

I am thankful to God for courage that rises when truly needed
To speak, listen and create so that another door can open
I am thankful for compassion that swells within our souls
For only then can those who hurt can be lifted up and seek to be whole

Art by Tamara Adams


1 thought on “I am thankful”

  1. We are an infinitesimal drop in this vast infinite universe
    Where trillions of entities seek to be
    In myriad ways that now harmonious
    Now savagely colliding and crashing against one another
    And yet out of this seeming chaotic and conflictual cauldron
    A beautiful, harmonious and creative matrix of life
    Arises to offer possibilities of self-realization
    That are received as grace by hearts and minds
    Such as Liztapiarequel.
    Others, alas pursue their self-realizations
    Whose trajectories are aggressive and warlike
    And exert influences that provoke hate and greed
    And bear down horrendously
    With their demonic resoluteness
    Upon the little ones whose only desire
    Is to bathe in the sun’s life giving radiance
    And breathe earth’s refreshing air
    Theirs is a tragic fate, unjust and evil
    The tragic fate of God’s beautiful creation
    Yet in being crushed into nothingness
    Their essential being comes forth
    And are revealed by the totality of things that are
    For the goodness and beauty that emerges
    In their travail as the goal of the movement of all things
    To bring about truth, love and justice
    All throughout God’s creation.

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