Rejoicing and Lamenting

I am torn between rejoicing and lamenting this Christmas.

For every child who receives a gift joyfully, a thousand people are denied every right to exist
For every family feasting on a round table, there are children still hungry in the streets
For every prayer we proclaim inside our churches, there are curses endured by people enslaved
For every people rejoicing as a nation, there are governments who do not know how to give but only take
For every Christmas memory remembered with laughter, there are too many Christmases endured alone
For every child whose wishes are fulfilled, a Lumad had wished but cannot go home.

I am torn between rejoicing and lamenting this Christmas.
But I will allow myself to be conflicted.
I will be sad and angered
when feel sick in my soul.
I will laugh and celebrate with family,
and maybe for a moment be whole.

In the photo is JB and me many Christmases ago. I think Dad took the photo.



1 thought on “Rejoicing and Lamenting”

  1. I do not share your feeling of “torness” about the chaos and conflicts we are thrown into. The dominant feeling of a disciple of Christ is joy and courage in any situation. Jesus walked the streets of the Holy land with tears for the lonely, the poor, the oppressed and they are tears of love and care that empower and heal; but he also had a flame of anger against the greedy, the high and the mighty who make people lonely, hpoeless and miserable—and it is a flame that burns to rectify our inhuman situation, and draws us to plunge into the struggle of people for justice, truth, freedom and humanity. I think it is a life-long struggle, and we should not feel so torn and thrown in feelings of ambiguity all the time. The peace, joy and courage of the Christian life is enjoyable here and now. Have a merry Christmas.

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