Paula and I

Paula and I are both mothers.
We know the pain of birthing and we know the joy of nurturing. 
Our bliss is to see our children beaming, fulfilling their dreams and shining their own light.
Our hearts ache when they are hurting. It is then that we raise our voices and square our shoulders to battle with them with all our might.
There is nothing we will not do for our little ones. 
And even when they grow taller than us, we will expand our entire beings so we can shelter them and make things right.
I imagine that other mothers and fathers have the same passion for the children they bring into this world. 
Like the mothers and fathers of LGBT children who struggle to find safe spaces for them especially in the Church. 
For is this not where they went for Sunday school? 
Is this not where they made their first friends? 
Is this not the place where they were taught God loves them and where they learned that they have sacred worth.

Paula and I are mothers. 
And there are mothers and fathers like us in the Church.
We are struggling for equal rights so that all our children can experience the Kingdom of God on this earth.

Art by Tamara Adams



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