If God Was a Girl

  If God was a girl, every girl will be treated like God

Every girl will be awaited in her coming, and her birth will be celebrated by all creation.

Every girl will be nurtured, respected and honored for her innate power.

Every girl will be spoken tenderly to and listened to whenever she speaks. 

Every girl will not be insulted, slapped or hurt by a father, a brother, an aunt or her mother.

Every girl will be safe in her home and wherever she goes, and will never fear for her life.

Every girl can be a leader, an artist, a dancer, a poet, a priestess.

Every girl can have a dream and pursue it.

Every girl can say “no” and “yes” and change her situation.

Every girl will love who she loves and make decisions for her own body.

Every girl will know that she has power and empowers others whoever they may be.

So imagine God as a girl. It will change the world.

2 thoughts on “If God Was a Girl”

  1. Sweetness and light, joy and peace, love and laughter, dance and music, poetry and gentleness; oh what other lovely polarities might I include here—a little girl’s view of things and of reality as a whole is so humanly exhilarating. Yes, I agree! Bundle up all the nice and beautiful things and wrap the entire universe with them, and dream we are in paradise!

    But what do we do with evil? If we insist on bringing in the cross and the resurrection, we have to bring back the old broken and fallen world.And it will be the same struggle all over again. A pollyanish world will never do.


    1. The idea of a girl God is not about great wisdom or about authority. It is about an image or model of humanity that is good. Our male images of God have not done us much good it seems.

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