Of Slaves and the Free

The problem with so many of us is that we do not know that we are being treated like slaves. We imitate our masters but we are still slaves. 

How do you know you are enslaved? When you have a government that takes your money and does not serve the people

When you work and work and are not able to improve the quality of your life

When you are afraid to speak truthfully because those who have authority will use their power excessively

When you cannot even think critically because you have been raised and taught to obey and not question

When you work and are not even allowed to think creatively because you are treated like a machine

When you are cruel and oppressive to others in the same position as you or is below you because you do not understand equality and dignity

When instead of critiquing and resisting those who abuse power, you will defend their use and abuse of power

And until we realize that we are being enslaved, oppressed and dehumanized intentionally and systematically, we will not be free.

Those who resist enslavement, on the other hand, are already free.


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