Balloons and Girls

I have watched over babies while they sleep and I found myself whispering a prayerIn the peace and fullness of such a moment I am filled with some kind of reverence

I have looked into the eyes of the suffering poor who labor but are never filled

And I feel the torment in their barren and impotent bodies with undeniable eloquence

I have seen the wonder in a little girl’s eyes at the magic of filled balloons and bright stars

And I wonder if the world awaits her with an embrace or play deaf to her most pitiful cries

I remember my darkest and kindest desires and cannot deny who I am inside

And everyday I know I have some kind of power to destroy or to defend life

We live from moment to moment; cross rivers, take paths, walk, run and take flight

Life is fragile and yet it must be lived

And so let us choose to live not just for ourselves but rise up for those who fall in the night



2 thoughts on “Balloons and Girls”

  1. I wish I had your eyes
    And the unique humanity behind them
    That I may enjoy the fun and frolic
    You are so beautifully ensconced in
    And feel the security that humans
    In total trust to the source of their being
    Enjoy both the serenity of mind
    And courage to be in their being.

    You have discovered how it is to be human
    In a world shot through with ego, pride and hypocrisies
    Of the high and the mighty
    that with every rising of the sun
    and setting of the same
    Spews mangled bodies
    Broken hearts,
    Frustrated dreams
    Of both the proud and the innocent.

    As you gaze at their despairing faces
    Love begins to spring up in you
    To be in solidarity with them,
    Justice compels you to take up
    Their cause and join them
    In their struggle, and you begin
    With words that spring forth from
    What is essential, true and eternal
    Which the ingredients of what is
    At bottom of the human
    That mysteriously ascends to a hew heaven
    And a new earth in the face of death
    And nothingness.

    Thank you for baring your soul to one and all.

    Levi V. Oracion

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