Today is International Women’s Day. A time to celebrate triumph and our commitment to struggle together. 

A day to commemorate how women have raised each other up and how we keep on rising for ourselves and for each other. 

A moment to affirm our sisters who have paved the way so we can walk with more dignity and to empower those who come after us. 

For our lives are our own lives and yet they are woven into fabric of humanity.

When one of us is abused and violated, no one among us can ever be truly safe.

When a mother is impoverished, the children of our nation will be hungry and weak.

When a girl is denied education and married at a young age, she is cursed and females that are birthed from her womb will suffer the same fate.

When a woman is silenced and is denied a space she has claimed, we will all be in the margins and voiceless, and will not be counted and even put to shame.

And so we must hold each other up and nurture each other’s soul

We must come together in circles and share our wisdom so we may all grow.

We must be formidable, relentless, responsive and powerful.

We must rise up again and again for it is in our liberation that the world can be made whole.


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