I call her the braver one

For jumping into the water as a child even before she could swim

For leaving home and creating one at such a young age alone and on her own

For taking paths and going to places I would not dare and have never been

For putting on a brave face and choosing her battles even when she shivers within
I call her the gifted one

For the dances she executes with so much passion

For the ways she touches peoples both young and old, both meek and strong

For the songs she writes with words and music about loving, laughing and life

For the way she creates who she wants the world to see because she knows she has her own light.
I call her the compassionate one

For the many ways she has offered herself to those who cannot give back anything in return

For taking time to nurture and teach little children so that they will grow and learn

For giving space for others and inviting her friends to stay in our home

For crying out for the Lumad and the poor and making their suffering and struggles known
I call her the beautiful one

For after all she can only take after her mother

For she has courage and wisdom, and the charisma of her father

For she is the daughter of our ancestors who dreamed she would be born to this earth

For she is touched by the Goddess who has given her passion and mirth.

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