Can you?

Can you imagine all children holding hands and laughing loudly?
Can you see them sleeping blissfully and dreaming of all they can be?
Can you see so many of them today hungry and working to feed a whole family?
Can you dare to raise your voice and tell the world they are human and -deserve dignity?

Can you imagine a world where all women are safe to become all they want to be?
Can you see the wounds and hurts of so many, too afraid to believe they can be free?
Can you journey with them and defend them to put an end to the violence and abuse?
Can you imagine them loving and truly living, embracing whom they choose?

Can you imagine God listening to the cries of those who need God the most?
Can you be part of the struggle towards the liberation of the least, last and lost?
Can you believe all the suffering will end and all will be free?
Can you believe that the same Spirit that came upon Jesus is the same one that dwells in you and me?

Art by Tamara Adams


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